Coping with global warming

| May 1, 2008

Happy May Day!

It’s May Day, nearly halfway through spring, almost halfway to summer. As I type this, snow is falling outside and has been for an hour or so; it’s actually sticking on the ground (we have at least 1/2″ already). And it’s supposed to fall through the day and into the evening. The current temperature (it’s about 9:15 in the morning) is just under 32 degrees F.

All this, of course, can be passed off as a late-spring fluke; anecdotes do not equal data (something the global warming advocacy media should get through their heads). What is significant is that it has been so cool this spring that none of our trees, bushes, or shrubs have started leafing out or blossoming yet (though we do have some buds starting up on the trees). This is in stark contrast to last year, when we had much greater snowfall (more photos here), yet everything greened up and blossomed on time.

I thought I might be imagining all this, until I read this passage from an article in the Denver Post about the anticipated runoff from the above-average snowfall the Rockies have received this year :

Temperature and precipitation carry the most impact in spring, when the two work to either steadily or suddenly lessen snowpack levels in the Colorado mountains. For the past four months, Colorado’s temperatures have been uncommonly cold, setting 15-year records for chilliness. That makes weather researcher Klaus Wolter think May could be warm and dry, a common trait of this winter’s surprisingly snowy La NiƱa. (emphasis mine)

Well, it’s May 1st, and I can only see as far as the end of our driveway, due to the snow falling. I’m going to go build a fire (we used up our usual 2 cords of firewood weeks ago, and I’ve been supplementing it by buying bundles at the local supermarket), and then finish reading this interview with Don Easterbrook [PDF] posted over at ICECAP (hat tip to Jerry Pournelle, though ICECAP is on my daily reading list anyway — as is Climate Feedback, btw).

Did I mention that it was 80 degrees yesterday? Must be all those sunspots.

I blame Bush. ..bruce w..

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