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| August 14, 2008

Yes, quantum entanglement is real, producing faster-than-light interactions at a distance:

After performing multiple tests on two entangled photons, physicists have yet again found that the photons seem to be communicating faster than the speed of light – at least 100,000 times faster. The researchers hope that their results might encourage theorists to come up with new explanations for the strange quantum mechanical effect.

The physicists, led by Nicolas Gisin from the University of Geneva, arranged their experiment by sending two photons down fiber optic cables to detectors in two Swiss villages located 18 km apart. Both photons started in Geneva, with one heading toward Satigny and the other toward Jussy. The study, which is published in Nature, builds on previous tests published a few months ago in Physical Review Letters.

When the researchers measured several properties of each photon at its destination, they found that the particles could instantly sense the other´s behavior without any known communication. Although this correlation obeys the laws of quantum mechanics, it seems to defy the nature of space and time, at least from humans´ everyday perspectives.

But here’s my favorite quote from the article:

“We think space and time are important because that´s the kind of monkeys we are,” he said.

I may adopt that as a motto.  ..bruce..

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