| September 13, 2008

Great word: “bibliophibians”.

Swap the genders of the two people in the Wondermark strip below, and you’ll capture the essence of many conversations that Sandra and I have had over the years (click on the strip to go to the full-sized original):

The difference being, of course, that Sandra and I started out together with nine kids, adding in our semi-adopted daughter Jeni along the way.

The books? We’re up to roughly 3000 now. And the kids are all gone, so yes, the books are for me.   ..bruce w..

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  1. lccrisle says:

    So your goal then is to rival Thomas Jefferson with your book collection? Maybe you can donate them to, I don’t know, somewhere, and they’ll name a reading room after you too. The greatest tragedy of my life, yes, I did write tragedy, is not having all of our books with us all the time. That alone will make retirement from the foreign service a welcome event…in 18 years or so…

  2. bfwebster says:

    Actually, my goal (achieved for the first time in my adult [post-college] life a little over 2 years ago) has always been to actually have all my books out in bookshelves. I’ve always had boxes of books stashed or stored somewhere, but no longer. It took 17 bookshelves to do it, but they’re all out there.

    Of course, now the owner of the house we’re renting has put it up for sale. Sigh….

    P.S. Glad to hear that you and Kenny haven’t been kicked out of Venezuela so soon after arriving there. On the other hand, I assumed that the whole diplomatic flap may well have been triggered by one of your, ah, frank off-hand comments. 🙂