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| September 25, 2008

With all the high-level talks going on in Washington right now about the great economic crisis and the planned bailout, I found that the following passage from The Lord of the Rings came to mind:

This is how I often picture Congress...

So great was the power that Saruman exerted in this last effort that none that stood within hearing were unmoved. But now the spell was wholly different. They heard the gentle remonstrance of a kindly king with an erring but much-loved minister. But they were shut out, listening at a door to words not meant for them: ill-mannered children or stupid servants overhearing the elusive discourse of their elders, and wondering how it would affect their lot. Of loftier mold these two were made: reverend and wise. It was inevitable they should make alliance. Gandalf would ascent into the tower, to discuss deep things beyond their comprehension in the high chambers of Orthanc. The door would be closed, and they would be left outside, dismissed to await allotted work or punishment. Even in the mind of Théoden the thought took shape, like a shadow of doubt: ‘He will betray us; he will go — we shall be lost.” (The Voice of Saruman (Chapter X), The Treason of Isengard (Book 3))

No attempt on my part to match up characters — there’s too many involved in our case (and none with the vocal power of Saruman) — but it conveys the general sense of helplessness in front of a hurried effort to push through a plan that may end up doing more damage than good for taxpayers at large. ..bruce w..

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