Update from Iraq

| October 25, 2008

You know we’re fighting 21st Century wars when my main contact with my Marine son is via Facebook. Here’s the latest from Jon (LCPL Webster), over in Rutbah, Iraq:


Glad you n mom are doing okay.. And yea, I’m stoked for Wes and Maddie. Wish I could’ve been there, but oh well.. I’ll have to make a trip out to Utah and see ’em when I get back.

Anyways.. Aside from some dumbass (pardon my French) Captain flying an Osprey in today right above our hooches and destroying what was left of our cammy netting, ripping the door off the hinges and filling the SWA hut with dust, launching our trash all over the ground and blowing over our porta-johns, it was an alright day. I don’t know why the hell they came in today since the past week has been Red Air (birds aren’t supposed to be flying since the pilots can’t see due to the amount of dust and sand clouding the atmosphere); it took the pilot 15 minutes just to find the helo-pad, even after we marked it with green and yellow smoke three times. The Osprey was bringing in some more detainees for us to transport to the IP station; seems like we’ve been getting a lot of ’em lately. That’s about it, though. Just staying on the grind. I’ve gotta get going, dad. We’ve got a long day tomorrow. Love ya.

PS- Yes, I got Suzanne’s package the weekend before last and already sent a letter back to her last weekend. She’ll probably get it in the next week or two.

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