And speaking of nailing it…

| November 22, 2008

Victor Davis Hanson pretty much pounds the nail on the head, ten times in a row:

1. Four years of high-school Latin would dramatically arrest the decline in American education….

2. Hollywood is going the way of Detroit….

3. All the old media brands of our youth have been tarnished and all but discredited….

4. After the junk bond meltdown, the S&L debacle, and now the financial panic, in just a few years the financial community destroyed the ancient wisdom….

5. California is now a valuable touchstone to the country, a warning of what not to do….

6. Something has happened to the generic American male accent….

7. We have given political eccentricity a bad name….

8. Do not farm. There is only loss….

9. As I wrote earlier, the shrill Left is increasingly far more vicious these days than the conservative fringe, and about like the crude Right of the 1950s….

10. The K-12 public education system is essentially wrecked….

Please do read the whole thing. Hanson and I are of an age (55), and in my humble opinion, he’s dead on.  ..bruce w..

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