Democrats Win… Here Comes The Pain

| November 4, 2008


McCain ran the weakest, most disorganized and least aggressive campaign I have seen since George Bush 41 vs. Clinton. He lost with pride and dignity – which is what he seems to have wanted to do from the start.

Obama is the president elect, congratulations to the first black president! As i said when I saw him speaking at the 2004 Democrat convention “That man will be our first black president”. My sole wish for Mr. Obama was that he please get some experience before he took office in the hopes that he could have also been a great president.

Now four years later, he is on course to be the 44th president earlier than I had hoped, making that mark of greatness harder to achieve. There are really 3 pieces to this win.

Democrat “Machine” Politics – we are likely to find that there was a huge amount of questionable activity surrounding all aspects of the election, only a fraction of which will be illegal, but the majority of which, if accurately investigated and reported, would disgust the American people. We will see if going forward the cowardly press is up to the task (today my money is on no). I would pin my hopes on the “new media”, but there is a strong chance that things like the mis-named “Fairness Doctrine” will stifle free speech enough to halt all of that.

Novelty of Breaking A Barrier – President Elect Obama is the first black man to win the office. This is a substantial achievement on a number of fronts. Once that novelty wears off, will Americans find that they can live with the significant implications of that choice? Some of the posturing from the Democrats in the last few weeks are quite worrisome. This includes confiscation of 401k accounts, deliberate dismantling of the coal / energy industry, direct and blatant restrictions on the freedom of speech (fairness doctrine), and probably others that I have been too busy to pick up on.

Republican Weakness – As I wrote in May of 2008, the public was not done punishing the Republicans. The Bush presidency had been sticking it to the conservative base for quite a while, and tonight the conservatives may have reminded the Republicans just how easy it is to win elections without them. Such affronts from the Bush team as the open borders policy, the Harriet Myers nomination, Dubai Ports World (the list goes on and on) have been towering failures of Bush and focused the conservative base on how much they were taken for granted. Follow that with the nomination of McCain – the least conservative candidate, in part thanks to open primaries and a very weak slate of choices, and what happened should be no surprise.

The task for the Conservatives is to finish the job, do what they can to purge the last of the RINOs and blue bloods, re-focus on getting government out of people’s lives and standing up for individual liberty and individual responsibility. Given the early indications that the government is about to take a huge left-hand lurch, possibly with Stalinist overtones, this should hopefully come naturally.

Unless they govern different than how they have been talking, the Democrats run a very real risk of crashing the smoking wreck that is the current US economy. Given the rhetoric of the past few weeks, one can assume that they genuinely lack an appreciation on just how hollow the engine of wealth is today thanks first to run-away speculation and later due to distortions caused by a ill-advised government bail-out.

Webster is right, they have a year or so to blame it all on Bush, but it’s all up to them now.

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