Ebola Reston In The Philippines

| December 11, 2008


This news came as a bit of a surprise to me as I was scanning headlines tonight. First off, Ebola is a very dangerous hemorrhagic fever that is typically found in Africa. The two things that stand out about this story are that the infection is in pigs, and it’s in the Philippines.

From the International Herald Tribune:

MANILA, Philippines: Pigs in three Philippine hog farms have been found infected with the Ebola Reston virus, a strain not harmful to humans, officials said Thursday. As a precaution, he said all pork exports have been suspended until further notice.

I think this story matters because the big outbreak of Ebola Reston was in primates in a lab in Reston Virginia. In that case the monkeys were orginally from the Philippines, and probably came with the virus already infecting their systems.

The fact that Reston has turned up in pigs means that it is capable of infecting beyond the primates that it was first found in during the 1990’s. This may be widely known to the medical community, but the fact that is can address multiple species is news to me.

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