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| March 10, 2009

Yeah, I feel this way on Tuesdays also.

First off, don’t miss Henderson’s analysis of the pending missile shot by the North Koreans.

Opposition within Congress to the cram-it-through legislative approach of the Democratic leadership:

“The process by which these changes have been forced upon this body is so deeply offensive to me, and so deeply undemocratic, that it puts the omnibus appropriations package in jeopardy, in spite of all the other tremendously important funding that this bill would provide,” the enraged son of Cuban immigrants said last week on the Senate floor. Menendez even slapped a hold on a pair of Obama nominees to draw attention to the issue.

Oh, by the way, Sen. Robert Menendez is a Democrat.

Gideon Rachman at the Financial Times has praise for the Obama Administration’s display of respect to other nations. Has Mr. Rachman talked to British PM Gordon Brown lately? And the Obama-snub of Britain couldn’t come at a worse time.

Here’s a list of the next ten newspapers that will cease publishing (going digital or folding altogether).  And speaking of folds — more links after the fold.

The Obama Administration has caused at least one positive boom: an upsurge in ratings for conservative media. Now if the Republicans in Congress can just not misplace their brains and spines again. . . .

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (remember her?) picks an activist female judge for the AK Supreme Court. Not bad for a self-hating conservative troglodyte.

Speaking of which: website-you-should-be-reading-of-the-day is Top of the Ticket. Yes, some good can come out of the LA Times, though don’t tell Patterico.

Rep. Alan Mollohan (D-WV) has largely managed to stay out of the press despite ongoing investigations. But like a bad penny, he keeps on turning up.

How to sharpen a pocket knife, from the ever-informative and entertaining The Art of Manliness.

Hillary Clinton indulges in moral equivalency (“We all have room for improvement”), something she knows well about.

As for Arnold, I had such hopes for him back when he first ran for Governor and even sent him money, as did Mark Steyn.

Reversing the George W. Bush Bill Clinton ban on stem cell research.

Left-leaning foundations and non-profits Are Not Amused by the proposed changes to income tax deductions.

I love getting my daily random proverb from contemplate.us, but I remain suspicious of some of the specific proverbs and claimed origins.

Nationalizing CitiBank may not be as easy or clean as some people think.

Yet another move from journalism into politics.

Meryl Yourish weighs in on the curious silence of the mainstream media over the Chas Freeman appointment to the NIC.

The 2nd Amendment still stands.

You know, if Obama is losing Howard Fineman at Newsweek, he’s in real trouble.

Never be too busy sawing to stop and sharpen the saw.

The Sun is blank again, i.e., no sunspots. One tried to form a few days ago, but gave up and went away.

Break’s over; back on my head.  ..bruce w..

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