Brisket blogging ahead: VLSB scheduled for 7/25

| July 18, 2009
Thats about 20 lbs of brisket right there.

That's about 20 lbs of brisket right there.

I’m doing what my co-blogger Bruce Henderson likes to call a “VLSB” or “very large scale BBQ” next Saturday, July 25th. It’s been almost 10 months since my last one — far too long — but this should make up for it by being the largest one yet; I fully expect 80-100 people. I’m not sure why I get such a kick out of cooking for such large groups of people (and my wife is even more puzzled), but there you have it.  Here’s a lengthy blog post about a VLSB I did three years ago (which is where the photo above comes from).

My current plans are to smoke 30 lbs of beef brisket, 2 or 3 bone-in turkey breasts, 1 or 2 boneless legs of lamb, at least one large chunk of elk, and maybe a few pork tenderloins (I’ve got some in the freezer; might as well use them). I’ll also grill about 70 hamburgers and an equal number of hot dogs and sausages. And I’ll grill veggies as well: asparagus and small sweet peppers. I may even grill up some fresh pineapple. It’s just fun.

My favorite part is finding how many different brands and flavors of bottled soda I can buy. I’ve got about 140 bottles out in the garage already, including a case of cane-sugar Coca Cola in 12 oz. bottles (bottled in Mexico). So far, I haven’t been able to find any Orange/Grape/Strawberry Crush, though; I’ve checked two of the three major grocery chains here with no luck so far. I’m about to head over to Sam’s Club, since they often carry cases of assorted Jones Soda flavors.

I’ve got to fly to NYC and back on Monday/Tuesday on business, but other than that, I’ll largely be focusing on the VLSB this week. Check back for more updates. ..bruce..

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