Global Recession – CO2 Reduction?

| July 8, 2009


Scientific minds will note that there are some interesting things going on at the intersection of climate science and economics. With an ongoing global recession, industrial production and output is down between 5% and 15% across the developed and industrialized world. For example

United States: -6.3%
Canada: -5.4%
Russia: -7.9%
Germany: -3.8%
United Kingdom: -4.9%
China: +6.1%
India: -6.1%

That is a lot few cars, refrigerators, container ships, aircraft and everything else being made. As a result less energy is being used and fewer things being transported around, burning fossil fuels.

For climate change advocates, this is very good news – as it likely means that the big dangerous greenhouse gas, CO2, is being emitted less than it was a year ago. But word comes from a foreign exchanged focused blog, Reserved Place, about the actual trends in carbon dioxide. Seems that the author or an associate decided to dust off some college research and update the figures with most recent data on carbon dioxide levels at several measuring stations. The results are a bit surprising; no noticeable reduction in CO2 appears on the charts yet.

Below are two graphs published on their site showing CO2 trends at Mauna Loa and the South Pole, with prior recessions circled in green:



Something here clearly does not add up. If industrial activity and robust consumption are the cause of global warming, these charts should show a noticeable downward deflection. Perhaps this recession will help honest researchers better understand the Earth’s carbon sources and cycles – if they would just put politics aside for a while and focus on the facts.

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Bruce Henderson is a former Marine who focuses custom data mining and visualization technologies on the economy and other disasters.

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  1. Allyn says:

    It’s nice to see that not everyone has been taken in by a Hollywood movie made by a politician to promote an idea that has made him millions by only looking at partisan experiments and ignoring other valid research. There is a former scientist from the EPA who was told he would be fired if he published his finding saying that global warming was a sham. Amazing how everyone has bought into this so easily.

    I am a chemist and while weather is not my specialty (by any means), I do have a science background and truly believe that global warming is not a threat to humanity (especially not when there are the likes of Iran and North Korea out to harm western society). And while I currently reside in the great state of Tennessee and it is hot here, I grew up in northern ohio, where some global warming in early February would have been greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for your blog, I read it as often as I can.