Carnival of the Posters

| August 5, 2009

The Obama/Joker image (above) was just the start. Combined with the “fishy e-mail” snitching request on the White House blog — a request of dubious legality and unquestionable bad taste — there are more images and videos coming out of the woodwork.

The Obama/Joker poster above may have been inspired by this one from last November:

Both in turn may have inspired this poster by Slublog:

Also, be sure to go see the whole “Dark Knight” sequence over at Jim Treacher’s blog. Here are the first two panels:

As I said, go read the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Rolling Stone presents this St. Obama cover not as mockery but in all seriousness:

(David Gergen, Paul Krugman and Michael Moore? Are you kidding me? It’s hard to imagine three more self-important and pretentious commentators. Couldn’t they have at least included P. J. O’Rourke?)

Back on track here: Blue Crab Boulevard serves this up:

And here’s this video from Reason TV (hat tip to Instapundit):

Now, Ace of Spades has this poster up:

Ace has this one up as well:

Darlene over at Protein Wisdom has a pair. Here’s the first:

And here’s the second:

Note that Vinnie over at My Pet Jawa suggests that we all use “” as our e-mail address in blog comments and to forward spam.

Here’s one from Harvey over at IMAO:

In the meantime, Gerard Van der Leun over at American Digest finds this snippet from Madagascar II somehow appropriate to the current ‘stimulus’ effort:

Gerard also has this nifty poster:

And finally, in light of the cap-and-trade debacle, here’s an old yet timely reminder from the late George Carlin, courtesy of Check Your Premises (language warning — this is George Carlin, after all):

More as I track them down. ..bruce w..

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