Marching on Washington: 9/12/09

| August 19, 2009
As Tom Lehrer used to say, Who's next?

As Tom Lehrer used to say, Who's next?

[Hat tip to Ace of Spades for the photo; no, that’s not me, but I wish it were.]

Sandra and I are flying from Denver to Washington DC next month to march on the Capitol on 9/12. As someone who was a registered Democrat for 37 years until last fall, I am appalled at the viciousness, hypocrisy, and intellectual dishonesty of the Left, especially by Pres. Obama and the Congressional Democrats. Normal, everyday people are really upset at the Left’s effort to nationalize health care — and for their concerns, they have been called racist, bigoted, uniformed, insincere, evil-mongers, un-American, paid tools of vested interests, violent, and a whole host of other names that properly belongs to groups such as ACORN and ANSWER.

I am likewise appalled at what this Congress and this Administration has done to our national economy and our future. Just to remind everyone:

And this is the _optimistic_ projection.

And this is the _optimistic_ projection.

The couple-of-thousand dollars for airfare, hotel, and incidentals is coming out of our own pockets. The time off will cut into our income further (I’m self-employed and get paid hourly for consulting work; Sandra’s taking time off from work as well). No one has asked us to do this, just as no one asked us to show up at the Tea Party here in Denver back on April 15th. We’re just really unhappy with both the legislative direction of the current Congress and Administration, as well as the poisonous vilifying by the same of honest dissent. So we’re putting our money where our mouths are.

How about you? ..bruce w..

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