You can’t stop the signal

| September 22, 2009

In one of Glenn Reynolds’ posts today, he quoted what is probably the best-known line from “Serenity”: “I am to misbehave.” So I dug up the trailer for “Serenity”, thinking to excerpt that quote and post it here.

Except . . . the whole trailer reads eerily (in hyperbolic mashup terms) like the growing conservative reaction to the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress, not to mention the Left’s reaction to such things as the Tea Party gatherings, the 9/12 March, and the ACORN/NEA tapes. It also resonates with the observation made that the Right is adopting Alinksy-like tactics. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether River Tam represents Hannah Giles or Sarah Palin.

[Obligatory disclaimer before the KosKids get themselves all wee-wee’d up: no, I’m not advocating violence. And, no, the Operative is not a stand-in for Pres. Obama — Obama isn’t that competent, in my opinion. He’s not a bad stand-in for Van Jones and his ilk, though: “I’m willing to forgo the cheap satisfaction of the radical pose for the deep satisfaction of radical ends.” That sounds very much like something the Operative would say.]

Watch it. See what you think. And remember: they can’t stop the signal.  ..bruce w..

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