BREAKING NEWS — Passengers held on JetBlue flight landing at JFK due to “sick woman” on board

| October 23, 2009

A JetBlue flight that landed at JFK (New York) airport around 9 pm ET tonight would not let its passengers off for nearly half an hour, until two police offices went on board. The plane, which landed at gate 3 and was scheduled to turn around and go to Denver at 9:05 pm, instead sat at the gate with passengers on board for nearly half an hour, until police showed up. Shortly after the police went onto the plane, the rest of the passengers started to leave the plane, most looking relieved and in some cases amused. One passenger, when asked what happened, said that “A lady got sick [on the plane], and they wouldn’t let us off.”

Assuming, of course, that’s what actually happened.

With luck, we’ll be able to board and get on to Denver sometime.

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