The ipecac kicks in

| January 22, 2010

In the fall of 2008, in a political discussion with a friend, she asked if I was worried about Obama being elected. I said no, for various reasons. First, I felt (wrongly, in retrospect) that Obama, like Bill Clinton, would largely govern from the center. Second, I had (and have) a lot of trust in the resiliency of American society and government. And third, I explained, I believe in the syrup-of-ipecac theory. “Ipecac?”, my friend replied. Yes — the stuff you take to induce vomiting in cases of poisoning. It is my observation that when leaders and legislators push too far in one direction, particularly the wrong direction, the public revolts, throwing up all they’ve been asked to swallow.

Well, it’s started. Between Scott Brown winning the Massachusetts race, Air America filing for bankruptcy, and the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United vs. the FEC, America has been collectively bent over their toilet bowls this week, throwing up what the Left has been feeding them (or stuffing down their throats, like geese being force-fed for fois gras) for the last several years.

It remains to be seen if this week’s events are just a passing queasiness or merely the prelude to a massive technicolor yawn into the porcelain throne this coming fall.  ..bruce w..

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