TSA update: words of wisdom from Jerry Pournelle

| November 18, 2010

"Now, turn your head and cough."

Jerry weighs in on the TSA kerfuffle:

I have never thought TSA did much for security compared to its enormous costs. I knew when it was instituted that it would be arrogant, intrusive, inefficient, and eternal. What other kind of people would take TSA jobs? There is a rule in science fiction fandom among those who run SF conventions: never allow anyone who volunteers to “work security” to have anything to do with security. They may not all be incipient petty tyrants but that’s the way to bet it. Those who want the job of searching other people’s underwear may in fact be dedicated to the security of the people of the United States, but it’s far more probable that they just like to be in positions of authority and are unable to join real security forces. Or they just want jobs and will be timeservers, which induces boredom which — well, you get the idea.

Read the whole thing.  ..bruce w..

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