National Review cruise – day 2

| November 13, 2011

I’d like to post more, but the onboard ‘net access is expensive, slow, and flaky. Great sessions today: Jay Nordlinger interviewing Fred Thompson and John Sununu about running for president; a rather frank panel discussion on the potential 2012 Republican candidates involving John Miller, Tony Blankley, John Fund, Mona Charen, Robert Costa, and Raph Reed; Jay Nordlinger back, but interviewing John “The Mustache” Bolton this time; and a rather dark panel discussion on the US and global economies, with Kevin Williamson, Tracie Sharp, Ramesh Ponnuru, Kevin Hasset, and Deroy Murdock.

There’s a late session tonight (with James Lileks, Andew Klavan, and S. E. Cupp), but I’m frankly worn out by the steady roll of the ship (due to steady 30+ knot winds blowing from the east) and we’ve got an 8:30 snorkling excursion in the morning (we arrive at Grand Turk around 7 am). I may yet run down to listen a bit, but I’m whipped. ..bruce..

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