National Review cruise — day 4

| November 15, 2011

At least, I think it’s day 4. The days are all starting to blur a bit; I’m grateful the ship changes the carpets in the elevators every day to let you know which day it is, or I’d be even more blurred.

Great times, great sessions. Andrew McCarthy and John Yoo; Bernard Lewis and Victor Davis Hanson; and Fred Thompson again. Best line of the day was from Bernard Lewis (quoting as best I can from memory): “To have influence in the Middle East, you must be seen as a reliable friend and a dangerous enemy. I’m afraid that we are now seen as an unreliable friend and a harmless enemy.”

Sandra and I went ATVing through Puerto Rican rain forest, with lots of water, mud, rocks, and narrow passages. Sandra absolutely loved it (we each drove our own ATV) and now wants an ATV at home. I said it has to have a roll bar (or cage) and a detachable snow plow blade.

Wonderful dinner tonight with (among others) Ed Driscoll and Nina Yablok. After the dinner, I went up to the Crow’s Nest for the first time ; met and spoke with several wonderful people, then ended up trading old fogey computer stories with Don Connors, who has me beat since he started with computers at least a full decade before I did.

The ship pulled out around 11 pm and gets into St. Thomas early tomorrow morning. No strenuous activities planned for tomorrow. And so to bed. ..bruce..

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