Four Hour Body diet update — first goal (-30 lbs) reached

| June 19, 2012

I said in my last FHB post that I’d post again when I hit my -30 lbs goal. Well, I hit that yesterday (6/18) — about two months later than I had originally hoped, but still in pretty remarkable time: 5 1/2 months.

What makes it a bit more remarkable is that last week was largely a ‘cheat week’. My wife and I spent Tuesday through Saturday at an LDS Church camp session for young women (ages 12-17) in our local congregations. Sandra and I cooked meals for the adult and youth leaders at the camp, typically 40-50 people at each meal. The schedule, the meals prepared, and the lack of access to our own pantry and fridge at home largely threw me off the FHB  diet for that entire stretch, and I came home Saturday convinced I had gained at least a few pounds, if not several.

Sunday morning, I discovered I had lost two pounds since the previous Tuesday, and by Monday morning I had lost another 1.4 lbs, putting me at -30.9, past my original goal of -30 lbs. I suspect that the countervailing influence to the carbs and sugars ingested at camp was spending 6-8 hours/day on my feet in a hot kitchen.

It is hard to overstate the psychological boost of being back at this weight for the first time in five years. As mentioned in my previous post, my next goal is -50 lbs, something that at the start of the year seemed like a real stretch but that now seems very doable, and sooner (i.e., within 4-6 months) rather than later.

Here’s an interesting side note. As mentioned before, I hit a two-month plateau from mid-March to mid-May, during which my weight pretty much went up and down in the same general range (-15 to -20 lbs). A few weeks into that plateau, I thought that I might need exercise to help restart weight loss, and so began to do extended walks and more in-home exercises. After several weeks, I largely stopped the exercising — the walks due to a sore achilles tendon, and the in-house exercises due to general distraction.

What I didn’t realize until just a day or so — after reading this article, posted by a friend on Facebook — is that my weight loss started up again when I stopped exercising. That is so counter-intuitive that I have a hard time crediting any correlation, much less causation, but I have to admit this simple truth: almost all the weight that I’ve lost while on the FHB diet, I’ve lost during periods of relative physical inactivity. My initial weight loss of 15 lbs in three weeks came when I was literally laid up with a high-ankle sprain (suffered the day after I started the FHB diet), while the last 10 lbs have all been lost in the past five weeks, during which I’ve just been, well, slothful (except for the four days at camp). For what it’s worth.

I’ll post on this again when I hit -40 lbs.  ..bruce w..


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