“Four dead in Benghazi”

| May 9, 2013



(to the tune of “Ohio” as performed by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young)

The compound is under fire
No place for them to flee
No answer to their wire
Four dead in Benghazi

Gotta get weapons
Gotta get boots on the ground
Should have been done long ago
Why were we sent here
With threats from every town?
Who didn’t care? Who didn’t know?

It’s all just demonstrations
They’ll tell you on TV
YouTube can cause sensations
Four dead in Benghazi

And threats to shutter the light
That grey old ladies don’t want to know
It doesn’t matter
What really happened that night
It was a long time ago

No reason to inquire
There’s nothing here to see
Just walk away from the mire
Four dead in Benghazi
Four dead in Benghazi
Four dead in Benghazi
Four dead in Benghazi
Four dead in Benghazi

— No apologies to Neil Young; if he had any cojones, he’d record this himself.

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