Microsoft Surface 2: initial reports are underwhelming

| September 5, 2013

I don’t mean to seem to be picking on Microsoft, but the Surface really is a case of too little, too late, being crushed by Apple (premium) on one side and Android (commodity) on the other. The current leaks about the Surface 2 don’t look to change the game any; Woody Leonhard over at Infoworld reports:

If the reports I’ve seen of new Surface 2 features can be believed, Microsoft has a huge problem on its hands. Where many people are begging for significant advances in the Surface line, the top improvement mentioned to date is a revolutionary new two-position kickstand.

If that and Windows 8.1 are all we have to look forward to, Microsoft’s heading into a disastrous holiday buying (or shunning) season.

Go read the whole thing.  ..bruce w..



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