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| September 13, 2013



…I can’t do any better than point you at Mark Steyn explaining how thoroughly Putin has punked Obama:

Charles Crawford, Britain’s former ambassador in Serbia and Poland, called last Monday “the worst day for U.S. and wider Western diplomacy since records began.” Obama set it in motion at a press conference last year by drawing his famous “red line.” Unlike, say, the undignified scrums around the Canadian and Australian prime ministers, Obama doesn’t interact enough with the press for it to become normal or real. So at this rare press conference he was, as usual, playing a leader who’s giving a press conference. The “red line” line sounds like the sort of thing a guy playing a president in a movie would say — maybe Harrison Ford in Air Force One or Michael Douglas in The American President. It never occurred to him that out there in the world beyond the Republic of Cool he’d set an actual red line and some dime-store dictator would cross it with impunity. So, for most of the last month, the bipartisan foreign-policy establishment has assured us that, regardless of whether it will accomplish anything, we now have to fire missiles at a sovereign nation because “America’s credibility is at stake.”

Go read the whole thing.

And when you’re done, and if you are a glutton for punishment, read Diplomad’s assessment of how poorly SecState John Kerry stacks up against Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov:



Kerry, a supercilious dope, who wanted the SecState job as confirmation of his status as a celebrity deep thinker, will find Lavrov a humorless, extremely intelligent, worldly, intensely patriotic Russian nationalist with a deep envy of and resentment for the United States and the West. He holds the classic Russian view that the world, lead by the insufferably arrogant Americans, conspires against Russia to deny it the respect and status it deserves. Lavrov, a professional who speaks several languages, and works non-stop, sees his life’s mission as restoring Russia’s rightful place in the upper echelons of the world’s hierarchy. And Kerry? As a callow youth he engaged in treason against the United States. Over time, he became a classic airhead liberal blow-hard, who used his “charms” to marry into money. He found in the Democratic party and Massachusetts an electorate that votes for rich airheads, and doesn’t care if they have a treasonous past. Kerry has no discernible view on the world, and certainly has none of the drive to see his country come out ahead that we see in Lavrov. Foreign Minister Lavrov has laser-like concentration, does not speak carelessly–measuring his statements very carefully–and, therefore, is the “reverse opposite” of the goofy, gaffe-prone, lazy, unfocused, and shallow Kerry.

Again, go read the whole thing. And then have a great weekend. ..bruce..


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