Hillary’s Blackberry – Why It Makes Total Sense

| March 11, 2015


Over at the amazing Ace of Spaces, we have this nugget of pursuit against the illegal and poorly thought out use of personal email by the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. As Bruce Webster has been exploring, there are a lot of bad angles to this entire scenario.

One item of great interest at Ace is the quoted, cited and cross referenced use of a Blackberry in Mrs. Clinton’s possession during critical moments of her tenure as Secretary of State.

Such at this:

and this:

This butts against her stated desire of having just “one device” and photos of her having more than one. In fact she was recently quoted as having two: An iPhone and a Blackberry. Interestingly enough, this all lines up correctly.

Please keep in mind, readers, that senior government officials deal with a lot of confidential and secret information. The department of State deals in national security every hour of every day.

Much of the classified government communication flows across SIPRNET, and its cousin classified networks. That means that classified flashes would go out over SIPRNET (or similar classified networks) to top officials, as is cited by the Ace article here:

What is less well known, is that some top officials to carry special, secure Blackberry handsets that are email clients on SIPRNET.

A standard kit for a high level diplomat or DoD official would be an UNCLASS email account (example: joe.blow@dod.us.mil) and a SIPRNET account (jblow@sipr.net). The government would issue you a blackberry, and most of the time it points to your UNCLASS account. Some people are generators of sensitive information (POTUS, SECDEF, SECSTATE) and they would try to funnel most of their government activity on SIPRNET.

So Hillary‚Äôs blackberry may have been her portable SIPRNET terminal. Meaning, in classic Clinton terms, her iPhone is her “one” device.

Correspondence with foreign diplomats and officials would have gone to her UNCLASS account, in this case the (illegal) personal email account. This is likely the whole point of that private account. Likewise if her inner circle (Huma Abedin, etc) were also primarily using email on that server (clintonemail.com), so an entire band of communication would be placed beyond discovery and federal records regulations

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