New information on the location of the (Hillary) server

| August 31, 2015

Back in March, when the Clinton e-mail story first broke wide, I did my own on-line forensic investigation of where that server might be located, while reading the investigations of others, and I had serious doubts that the server was actually run out of the Clintons’ Chappaqua (NY) home — particularly because people from the Clinton camp seemed to be working hard to convey that impression without ever directly answering the question. Here’s what I noted from her (in)famous first press conference on the matter:


At the press conference, what HRC did say was:

It was on property guarded by the Secret Service.

And in the FAQ released by the Clinton team after the press conference, it says:

Where was the server for her email located?

The server for her email was physically located on her property, which is protected by U.S. Secret Service.

Keep in mind that we’re dealing with a lawyer who also happens to be Hillary Clinton — a person not always known for her forthrightness and accuracy when it comes to discussing her own personal and professional behavior. That said, let’s look at at least four locations that could be considered “her property”:

I daresay that all four locations would be considered “guarded” or “protected” by the U.S. Secret Service. There could well be other leased office space that is not publicly known but that HRC would feel comfortable calling “her property”.


Well, has just published an article stating that DNS and SSL records show that had the same IP address as the Clinton Foundation computer(s) in NYC, which was in the list I published back in March. Go read the whole article.  ..bruce..

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