Veterans Day – 2015

| November 11, 2015
Darren Green (USMC) and Jon Webster (USMC), right after Darren's completion of USMC Boot Camp, May 2008. 

Darren Green (USMC) and Jon Webster (USMC), right after Darren’s completion of USMC Boot Camp, May 2008.

Here is our annual Veterans Day post listing the veterans, living and passed on, in our respective families:


Bruce Henderson:

  • Andy Henderson, USN (active) — [nephew]
  • Bruce Henderson, USMC (former) — Yes, I was a Jar Head
  • Peter Anderson, USMC — My dear departed uncle Peter served with Marine Intel during Vietnam
  • Jim Zimmerman, Illinois National Guard (former) — My uncle Jim served 2 tours in the National Guard
  • Ian Henderson, RAF — [my dear departed father] RAF pilot who served the crown during the Battle of Britain as well the far east as a flight leader. He lied about his age to join the flight corps and was a decorated Ace for combat action.
  • Ron Henderson, RAF — [uncle] RAF radio man,
  • Robert Zimmerman, USN — My dear departed step-grandfather served in the US Navy during WW2
  • Howard Martin, USN — My biological grandfather was a pilot who died in WWII when my mother was just a child

Bruce Webster:

  • Sgt. Darren Green, USMC (active) — served twice in Afghanistan; still in active service. [nephew]
  • Jon A. Webster, USMC (former) —  served in al Rutbah, Iraq; now working as a welder in the US Navy shipyards in San Diego [son]
  • Heather Harris, US Army National Guard (former) — [daughter]
  • Greg Barsic, USMC (former), USCG (active) — currently serving in the US Coast Guard in California [former son-in-law]
  • Brad Poeltler, USN (ret.) — former Naval aviator in the F-14 RAG [brother-in-law]
  • Robert Wendt, USN (ret.) –  former Navy pilot [former brother-in-law]
  • Bill Lowell, US Army (former) — [former brother-in-law]
  • John A. Webster, USN (ret.) — spent 29 years in the US Navy; served in both WW II (including Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal, and Guam) and Vietnam (two tours) [my father]
  • James Francis Webster, USN — served in WW II [my paternal grandfather]
  • John Silas Fickes, CSM, USN — served in WW I, Mexican War (1920), and WW II [my maternal grandfather]
  • John William Fickes, 1st Sgt., Co. A, PA Militia, 8th Reg. Infantry — served in Spanish-American War [my great-grandfather]
  • James Edward Taylor, Pvt. Co. D, II PA Volunteer Infantry — Civil War [my great-great-grandfather]

God bless them all, and God bless America. ..bruce w..

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